Thursday, September 13, 2018

Popular restaurants in Windsor during the 1940’s

The Ship’s Cabin at 150 Windsor Avenue in Wilson, across the street from the entrance to Keney Park, was one of the most popular restaurants in Windsor during the early 1940’s. It was owned by Charles Parandes and featured fresh seafood at affordable prices.

In November 1947, Alphonse Gariepy purchased the Ship’s Cabin from Parandes and renamed it Aldor’s Restaurant. The “Al” was for Alphonse, and the “dor” was for his wife, Doris.

Gariepy became active in local politics and in November 1957, was elected to the town council on the Democratic ticket. He won reelection several times and in 1960, when Mayor Francis A. Cunningham resigned, the council elected Gariepy to be the town’s new mayor. In July 1961, he resigned from the town council.

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