Sunday, July 15, 2018

Windsor’s War Shrine at Grace Episcopal Church

On April 1, 1943, the Grace Episcopal Church created a war shrine for community use inside the church building. The church doors were open from 6 am to 6 pm so that members of the public could offer prayers at the shrine for the safety of loved ones in the armed services. By the end of 1944, over 2,000 people had recorded their names in the war shrine register.

The Children’s Altar with the bas-relief of the Madonna and Child was the basis of the shrine. The sculpture was carved by the nationally-known sculptor, Evelyn Beatrice Longman Batchelder, who also carved the World War I Eagle Monument on the Broad Street Green, in front of the church. She was a Windsor resident who lived at Loomis School with her husband, Headmaster Nathaniel H. Batchelder.
The Madonna and Child was designed in 1934 in memory of Thomas Warnham Loomis, Jennie Cooke Loomis, and their son, Allyn Cooke Loomis.

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