Thursday, July 12, 2018

Windsor’s War Bond Drive

During the first two weeks of December 1944, the sixth War Bond Drive was held in Windsor to help finance the war effort. Over 90% of the students at John Fitch High School purchased war bonds and stamps before December 7, Pearl Harbor Day. The sale of stamps at the high school raised $279.35, or about $3,900.00 in today’s money. The total for war bond sales was $220.25.

On December 8, a war bond rally was held at Poquonock town hall. There was a speaker and war films were shown. William Dougherty of Windsor Federal Savings & Loan Association was present at the rally to sell war bonds.

Elsewhere in town, the Plaza Theatre observed Pearl Harbor Day as War Bond Day. People who bought war bonds at the theatre on December 7 were granted free admission to the movies.

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