Sunday, July 29, 2018

William Hayden Memorial Plot in Windsor

The “original Hayden” referred to in the 1945 news story above was William Hayden, a founder of Windsor. He was a farmer and a stonecutter who had immigrated from England to Dorchester, MA on March 20, 1630. William settled in Hartford, CT, around 1636 and moved to Windsor in 1642. 

On September 2, 1885, members of the Hayden family dedicated an engraved flint boulder marker, 5’ by 3½’, on the land of the original Hayden home site in Windsor, at the intersection of Hayden Station Road and Palisado Avenue. Reportedly, the boulder weighed a little over two tons and the lettering “took eight days labor with the repair of 300 chisels.” (Source: The History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsorby Henry R. Styles, 1898 edition.)

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