Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Windsor War Chest

During World War II, the National War Fund helped finance the USO, which entertained about 1.6 million soldiers a month in service units operating at home and abroad—87 of them in combat zones overseas. The Fund also financed the shipment of over 300 tons of textbooks, games, musical instruments, craft materials, and athletic equipment to U.S. prisoners of war through the YMCA’s War Prisoners’ Aid program.

Money raised in Windsor for the National War Fund went to the Fund’s local branch office, the Greater Hartford War Chest. It not only sent money to the national program but also distributed funds to Hartford area family welfare, child care, health, and emergency wartime agencies. One of these agencies was the Windsor Public Health Nurse Association.
The Windsor War Chest's fundraising goal for 1944 was $8,500, or about $120,000 in today’s money. Led by chairman Charles W. Gould, the goal was surpassed when 166 volunteers raised about $10,000. Ernest Chagnon, one of the fundraising volunteers, was singled out for praise when he collected $1 from each of 157 Jamaican tobacco workers who were employed at the time at Windsor tobacco farms.

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