Thursday, June 21, 2018

Radio was King in Windsor in the mid-1940’s

In 1944, radios were perhaps the major source of home entertainment in Windsor. Hence, it was extremely important to keep them in good working order!

The most popular radio stations in the mid-1940’s in town were Hartford-based stations and included: WTIC (owned by Travelers Insurance Company) at 1080 on the radio dial; WDRC at 1380; WTHT (owned by the Hartford Times) at 1230; and WNBC at 1410—all were AM stations.
Windsor listeners who tuned in to WTIC could hear such programs as: Truth or Consequences, Paul Whitman’s Orchestra, Grand Old Opry, Abbott and Costello, Ellery Queen, The Thin Man, Charlie Chan, Boston Blackie, and Amos and Andy.
Popular shows broadcast on WDRC included: Your Hit Parade, Inner Sanctum, Death Valley Days, Kate Smith Hour, Dinah Shore, Gene Autry, Blondie, Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons, and Man Behind the Gun.
On WTHT, Windsor listeners could enjoy: Gabriel Heater, Xavier Cugat, Believe it or Not, Dale Carnegie, Gracie Field, Chicago Theatre of the Air, Double or Nothing, and many major sporting events.
Among the popular programs carried by WNBC were such shows as: Boston Symphony Orchestra, Green Hornet, Gangbusters, David Harding Counterspy, Nero Wolfe, Terry and the Pirates, Lone Ranger, and Boston Pops Orchestra.

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