Thursday, June 14, 2018

First Woman Elected to State Legislature from Windsor

Democrat Hazel Thrall Sullivan became the first woman ever to be elected from Windsor to the Connecticut House of Representatives when she polled the highest number of votes for any candidate for the legislature from town in the November 7, 1944 election. A group of Republican, Democratic, and Independent voters were organized to support her historic bid by Martha H. Hoskins.

The daughter of a prominent Republican leader and tobacco grower in Windsor, Hazel graduated from Chaffee School, Smith College, Katherine Gibbs School, and attended the University of Santander in Spain. She was married to U.S. Army Captain Frank J. Sullivan and was the mother of two children. A member of the Windsor League of Women Voters, Hazel was associated with the State Labor Department working in the fields of slum clearance and public housing. 
She said, “I firmly believe that women should take a definite part in government. It is just as essential as bringing up a family or going to church.”

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