Sunday, June 24, 2018

Deerfield Householders Club in Windsor

One of the most active civic organizations in Windsor in 1944 was the Deerfield Householders Club. The members not only put on a Spaghetti Supper in October 1944, they also held a Halloween Costume Dance at Deerfield School. Richard Burgess was chairman of the committee arranging the dance. There was an orchestra, and cider and donuts. Prizes were awarded for the best costume.

The organization also was involved in more serious matters. In November 1944, it organized a petition asking that the town create a new voting district within an area bound by the Connecticut River on the east; Hillcrest Road on the north; the town line on the west; and the power line on the south.
At the time the petition was being circulated in the Heights (or on Stony Hill, as some people referred to the area) and in Deerfield, voters in the Heights voted in the Windsor Center District and voters living in the settlement off Deerfield Road voted in either the Center or in Wilson. 

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