Sunday, May 20, 2018

Paper Bag Shortage in Windsor

During World War II, there was a national shortage of paper bags and grocery shoppers in Windsor felt the pinch. Edith Baldwin, wife of Governor Raymond E. Baldwin, helped promote ways to remedy the paper bag shortage by touring local grocery stores and sharing the following seven tips with shoppers.

1. Plan your shopping—so you can save trips—and bags.
2. Take your own shopping bags to market. A basket is fine too. You can easily make a convenient shopping bag out of a remnant, or crochet one from heavy string.
3. Keep paper bags clean.
4. Fold bags along the original crease.
5. Return a handful of paper bags each time you go shopping.
6. Don’t ask for a bag if the article can be carried unwrapped.

7. When your paper bags cannot be re-used, put them in your paper salvage.

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