Sunday, May 13, 2018

First Church in Windsor’s 150th Anniversary

The First Church in Windsor was completely renovated inside and painted outside with funds donated by church members and friends in 1944, the 150th anniversary of the construction of the building which was put up in 1794, according to W. Fred Hornsby, campaign chairman of the drive to raise funds.

The First Church claims to be the oldest Congregational Church in Connecticut, and the fourth oldest Congregational Church in the world. 
An unusual feature of the fund-raising drive was the formation of “The First Church in Windsor One Hundred Club” to which members were enrolled after giving $100, or about $1,400 in today’s money. Approximately $4,400, or about $62,000 in today’s money, was raised. Members of the One Hundred Club were given a painted picture of the church. Dr. Paul J. Anderson served as chairman of the executive committee. The church’s pastor was Joseph H. Twitchell.

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