Friday, April 27, 2018

Shifting Gears: Heading For Windsor

Five years ago, prompted by the publication of my biography, William Almon Wheeler: Political Star of the North Country, this blog concentrated on New York State history. Last year, when my book about the origins of official court reporting, Guardians of the Record, was published, the material featured in the blog changed and the subject matter focused on 19th century court reporting and official court reporters. Today, with the upcoming publication of my new book, A History of Windsor, 1944–1962, this blog will be shifting gears again.

It will contain interesting bits and pieces about Windsor’s history from the twilight of World War II to the dawning of the Sixties. Primarily relying on articles and advertising in The News-Weekly, a weekly newspaper published in Windsor between 1944 and 1962, the blog will also reflect my own experiences in Windsor during this time frame. Before going on to schools of higher education, I attended Windsor’s Stony Hill School (grades 1–3), Deerfield School (grades 4–8), and Loomis School (grades 9–12). Later on, from 1960 to 1962, I worked as managing editor of The News-Weekly.

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