Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Book About the Origins of Official Court Reporting and Pioneer Shorthand Writers Will Be Available May 1, 2017

Official court reporting in American courtrooms was brought about by the skill, dedication, and determination of a remarkable group of pioneer shorthand writers. Many of them were reformers, some were entrepreneurs, and others were inventors, writers, artists, and scientists. All of them were gifted shorthand professionals whose work made legal proceedings more reliable, more efficient, and fairer. A new book soon to be released by the Rivulet Ferry Press,  Guardians of the Record: The Origins of Official Court Reporting and the Shorthand Writers Who Made It Possible, explains how official court reporting got its start in the United States and tells the stories of eleven pioneer court reporters whose work ensured that official court reporting would become a key component in the American pursuit of due process of law. The book is based on information from a variety of sources including 19th century newspapers, shorthand periodicals, records of shorthand associations, county histories, and government reports and records. Guardians of the Record will be available May 1, 2017 from online bookstores and other major book suppliers.

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