Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh, say can you see . . . .

For those of you who are reading this and can see a black and white background print in the right and left margins of this blog, let me explain what it is. (If you don’t see anything in the margins, or just see smidges of a print here and there, it is probably because our monitor displays and screen resolutions are different.)

For William Almon Wheeler’s 1876 campaign for the vice presidency of the U.S., an artist for the Daily Graphic (NY) drew a view of Wheeler’s hometown, Malone, NY, for the paper. In the left-hand margin of this blog, from top to bottom, are the artist’s renderings of Wheeler’s home on Elm Street, the house in which he was born, and Wheeler sitting at his desk in his law office. In the right-hand margin of this blog, from top to bottom, are drawings of the Malone railroad station, a general view of Malone showing the surrounding countryside, and the buildings on Malone’s Main Street.

A copy of the page from the Daily Graphic that carries the print is currently on display on the wall of the “Wheeler Room” in the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society’s House of History in Malone, NY.

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